Monday, 13 July 2009

Anything for Beach Bajji!!!!!

It was sunedai..the day of the sun..(well then 'every day is a sunday' in chennai :P ),after going to the gym in the morning (those 6 pack abs are still far far away :()followed by 'sunday special meals'(mom's kitchen!!),i was lying on the sofa stretching myself,intoxicated with food,gravity was acting heavily on my eyelids..they were pleading me to let go and relieve them of their pain,i was yielding to their will..i was sailing smoothly into deep slumber..i was almost on the escalator to heaven when the phone rang :(...the mobile phone is undoubtedly one of the greatest things man has ever created..but sometimes these great things can be a real pain on the a**,i got up and answered the call and guess what, it was from Airtel customer care!,the woman on the line asked me if i was satisfied with their service!!!!!!,i was so furious that i told her "i was...until this minute" and i hung up!,i tried closing my eyes after that but for some reason i could never sleep again,i guess once u disturb the natural flow of things, its hard to bring them back!.I started watching tv when the phone rang again,'right,shes asking for it now' i thought..with a mad rage i just jumped and picked up the phone and was about to howl when i heard a familiar voice!,it was my cousin "R....",she was going out with her family and asked me if i would like to join her,i had no plans for the day nad immediately said yes,we decided that we would go to 'City Center'(its a mall) and then to the beach(marina ,i dont know wether its the second longest beach in the world..but it sure is one of the dirtiest :p).
We reached 'City Center' at around 3.30pm, we were just walking through all the big branded shops there,its fun to walk around these huge malls ,but you would be burning a huge hole in ur pocket if u buy anything there :P.So after about an hour of window shopping it was time to go to the beach!!.
Its been a very long time since i had gone to the beach..the last time i went was before the tsunami(had a super time playing cricket with my cousins) but when i looked at the beach i was kind of shocked..the beach looked like it had been reduced to almost half its original i was gently strolling through the beach..i was thinking about all the people who were swallowed by the sea..which was now gently kissing my legs..i was distracted by my cousin..who was by then comfortably seated on a plastic chair with a platefull of hot bajji!!.
There are a few pleasures in life which come at a very low price..and one such pleasure is eating a hot 'molagai bajji'(chilli) in the beach.A nice big bite from the bajji and a big swig of sea breeze...its a 'chemical' reaction which creates pure magic!!.After chomping down a few more was time to move on to the 'masala kadalai'(cooked ground nuts with carrot ,onnion ,tomatoe and spices) stall!!..though i like eating this...iam not a specific fan of 'masala kadalai'..but i know for a fact that there are a few people in my part of the world who would pay anything to have this in the beach!!!.We had a round of ice cream after that and then decided to call it a day.
The waves teach us a very valuable lesson.They push hard just to reach the shore..each time they dissolve only to come back stronger and harder.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Most Boring place on 'Earth'

Have you ever been to Anderson Street,chennai 600001..if u have then u would know that it is one of the world's most boring places!!,my mom and dad wanted to go there to get some stuff for my cousin..since i was free they forcefully dragged me along with them...(it was an invisible chain tied around my neck called emotional black mail :( ) a puppy following its master i just ambled along behind them, that time i had little knowledge of what was awaitng me..:( .When i reached the place i was awestruck!!!,it was truely a fantasy land for
1)Rag pickers,2)People who wanted to print invitations 3)for nerds who always ran out of stationary and 4)People who own stationary shops in the city!!.
The stuff my parents got from there was..1)Assorted Rubber bands of hig quality and different colors( RGB :P)..2)higly durable gem clips and 3)Long lasting cello tape,but these were just side attractions..the purpose of our visit was to order jute bags for my cousin,this dint take very long as there was only one shop which even supplied jute bags at a reasonable we could wrap that up pretty quickly.
After that we went to a sweet shop called 'Agarwal bhavan',it was supposed to be the best sweet shop in 'paris corner',and i guess it is the best, because inside the shop there were abt 200 people and i guess the total 'moving space' inside the shop would have been about 400 to 700 sqft!!! was one of those places were if u drop something on the ground then u should consider it gone for good because when u bend down to have a look,you would only be able to see about 100 pairs of feet !!:p.So after having managed to have 'badam milk' there,we finally muscled our way out.
My dad wanted to go to other places aswell..but i told him that i had enough of touring 'paris corner' and wanted to go back home as soon as possible..i guess he was also tired after the stint in agarwal bhavan and so had to give in to my will.
Over all it was a 'once in a life time experience' for me..because on the way back home i took a pledge that i would never come back to that place ever again!!.
I have uploaded some picture of the place..have alook to come to ur own conclusion!!

image 2:Check if u can find any banner which says anything other than plastic or paper(click on the image to enlarge)

image 1: Tells the story.."Specialist diary makers!!"

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Rummy:An Episode

It was saturday!!,after a round of window shopping ,bird watching and junk food munching i was lying on the sofa watching tv,after an exhaustive week at office (:p)i was finally in my zone. Saturdays are never complete without a game of rummy,especially if my grand parents come home ,then rummy is always on the cards!(pun intended :D),so after swimming through sambar,rasam and curd it was time for some action.Players ready and raring to go!!(read previous blog for detailed description of each player),first to deal was my perriappa..i just love his skill on the cards..he just wields it like a magician wields his wand!! his hands the cards look like they are alive , listening to every command from their master..falling out one at a time in succession.The first game was bad for cards were so bad that one look at them and i called scoot!!.. periamma won that game,it looked like it was one of those days when joker's would play hide an seek with u and forming a rummy would be as easy as finding a needle in a haysatck!!..round after round my loses were mounting and round after round i was loosing interest!!!.Cards can really get on ur nerves some times..u would have so many chances..but u would never get the right card..and there would be days in which u would have only one chance for a rummy and the right card would just come and sit in ur hand..just like as if it was destined too!!!.So as u can see it was turning out to be a frustrating day until the champion of champions came to the rescue.It was the last round..and i was lying flat on the ground!!! too much loss (this condition is popularly known as 'body press' in my famiy) just when it looked so grandfather lightened up the evening..usually when the pros are not playing,they would look at the cards of other players and would try and help them perriappa was looking at my grandfathers cards and had identfied that he had all the 13 cards set and had won the game..but my grandfather couldnt recognise this and took almost a good part of 10 mins to was so funny listening to the comments flying all around..fortunately i could video some of it..but u have to understand tamil to get the hang of it..enjoy!!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Rummmy!.. the next best thing to Cricket!!

Finally after a long long a chance to play rummy again with my family,ill just give a brief description of the players engaged in this noble game.

Player 1:That would be me..iam the so called amature of the gang..but most of the time my turnout would be more than the pro's :p :p(and iam very modest tooo :D).

Player 2:My Dad..if theres a rahul dravid in rummy..then its my dad!!! he knows the finer points of the game but seldom makes any profit(once in a bluemoon he would make some!!)

Player 3:My Periappa(Dad's elder brother is called periappa in tamil) if my dad is rahul dravid then he is definitely geoffery boycott of rummy!!! Pure technique and class...but again no turnover!!!(how ever on his day he has the capability to make everyone bankrupt just like my dad!!)

player 4:My Periamma,she is the one to watch out for more than anyone else..if she is playing then the best thing to do if u dont have a rummy is to drop ur cards and let the others lock horns with her..she manages to make a profit most of the time..

player 5: My Mom,she is just like my periamma..even though she has this weird urge to play each and every game wat ever her cards maybe.. if she wins a game or 2 on that day..she does "rake in the moolah" most of the time...

player 6:The champion of champions..with almost 60 years of experience in the game,my Grand Father!!..yup he is the best..the unique way in which he holds the cards tells a story by itself!!..he would take an eternity to think on which card to drop,but hey its just the time which he takes to perform those complex calculations on what others are gonna churn up!!

player 7:Last but by no means grandmother..she might not be technically sound,but the one thing shes got more than the others is luck.She is one of those people who would go golfing and end up striking oil!!!!,well as they say "it is better to be born lucky than rich".

Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Bench Phase(Test to see if ur gonna be put in bench soon)

The daily Schedule of a benched S.E

6:00 am:Time to wake up and smell the coffee

6:30 am:Time to catch the train to paranur...

7:45 am:Time to get down in paranur after a 1 hr journey

8:00 am:TIme to get down and board the bus to office

8:05 am:Time to swipe in..the most importatnat job of the day

8:06 am:Time to have breakfast at the foodcourt..the most entertaining hour of the day

9:00 am:After an hour of chatting and eating..time to get back to the cubile

10:00 am:Time to check mail...(keep looking at all the crazy forwards sent by fellow
benchmates all over india)

10:30 am:Time for some excersise..walk to friends cubile and start gossiping.

12:00 pm:Time for lunch after a busy morning..

2:00 pm:Time to walk back to the cubile after 2 hrs of chatting and hogging

2:10 pm:Back to checking mail

2:20 pm:Time for some exercise again..go to friends cubicle

3:30 pm:After a long hour of chatting..time for a nap(IF ur PM is not around..which
is all of the time..becaue we are not in a project anyway :D)

4:30 pm:After a nice nap..time to go back to food court for evening snacks

5:15 pm:Time to swipe out

5:45 pm:Time to catch the train to go back home

If u have time to go through this whole thing..then it means that ur gonna b put in bench soon..because ur jobless :P

Sunday, 28 June 2009

cream en creamy

Cream En Creamy is the new ice cream parlour near my house,the ambience inside is really amazing,they have a few comfortable couches and a flat lcd tv..their menu card is impressive with a wide range of ice creams and personal favourite was an ice cream called 'fruit punch'.
The pricing is a bit on the higher side but the quality of the cream is well worth the cost...for all u folks in around t.nagar the place is worth a
visit,its in habibulla road and near karnataka sanga school.

Indias poor show

It was so disheartening to see the indians loose against a mediocre west indian team,its true that some of the key players are missing...but i think indias bench strength is way better than the current west indian team...its just a matter of making use of their talent and keeping their head on their shoulders...lets hope that they pull their act together quickly